Membership matters at New Bridge. 

At New Bridge, we take membership seriously, and we want people to make an informed decision when they commit to membership. With that in mind, we offer a special membership class, called "Membership Matters," for those who are interested in learning more about what we do at New bridge, about what we believe, or about how to become a member. We encourage you to sign up for the next Membership Matters class if you are interested in learning more. The class meets on three consecutive Sunday mornings.  Call the church office at 804-737-7331 or email to register. 

To become a member at New Bridge, a person should be a baptized believer in Jesus Christ, have completed the Membership Matters class, and have signed a New Bridge membership covenant. 

Upcoming Classes: 

  • Membership Matters is held periodically throughout the year. 

Register for a class. 
Choose one of three ways:

  • Call the church office  at 804-737-7331. 
  • Email
  • Check the box on the Connection Slip in the Sunday morning bulletin, and drop it in the offering plate or in the church office.